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Team Optimization

Winning Teams Play to Win!

Are you tired of investing in projects that always seem to fall flat? Have past employees described your culture as difficult or dull?

We help each client re-energize, reach, and realize its vision through planning, commitment, and passion. Our Optimization Workshops are customized to fit your time, location, and objective.

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Readiness Assessment Workshop (Organization Change and System Projects)

Designed to guarantee the highest possible ROI for your investment, this onsite workshop uses visual graphic tools to teach your key stakeholders how to bring out the best in your team. The workshop will leave you with:

  • Articulated characterizations of success
  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities from kick-off through the sustaining phase
  • An executable communication plan that ensures you have the full engagement and commitment of your workforce to achieve your key objectives

Past clients have remarked on the ability to get their teams aligned in order to tackle even the most demanding of projects. Issues such as skill-set identification, resource allocation, and project management techniques will be resolved. Designed for both half- and full-day programs, these interactive sessions are delivered at your worksite or an offsite location of your choice. Typical sessions average about 10 participants.

Session Fees:

  • $3400.00 for half-day sessions
  • $5400.00 for full-day sessions

Creating a Remarkable Culture

Beginning with the end in mind, your leadership team sets the tone for creating a remarkable culture in this half-day onsite session. They’ll come away with all the tools and confidence they’ll need to firmly assume their position in setting the cultural tone for your company going forward. This program includes an Organization Culture Assessment, designed to highlight quick fixes in areas where your company’s practices and policies may be subtly undermining your desired culture.

  • $3400.00 for half-day sessions
  • $5400.00 for full-day sessions

The ability to assess both current culture and the desired state of your culture makes the process of identifying actions much clearer. All past participants of this workshop have noted that they could not have made this level of cultural shift without the methodology that The Pendolino Group provides. Most sessions involve a vertical cross-section of participants—typically about 12 per session—and can be delivered onsite or at an offsite location of your choice.

Optimizing Team Performance

Nothing screams “great place to work” like superlative teamwork. Using an online state-of-the-art Team Assessment, you will quickly identify opportunities to elevate the way that teams form, storm, and perform within your company. Optimized teams deliver sustainable and aligned results. You deserve the best that team assessment and team development research have to offer.

Sessions range from 10-15 participants and can be delivered onsite or at an offsite location of your choice. Our past participants have remarked on the greatly improved ability of their teams to recognize unique behaviors that hinder team performance as well as to put together actionable plans that enable teams to perform. Fees for this program are variable and include team assessments, onsite facilitations, and individual coaching.

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