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Strategic Compensation Works to Motivate & Build Business

Hiring the best people is simply the first step in creating a success story. Retaining your talent with a well-designed compensation and benefits program is even more critical to the effectiveness of your talent management program.

In today’s marketplace, competition for top talent is fierce, and knowing how to reward employees is a vital component of your business strategy.

That’s where Strategic Compensation and Benefits comes into play.

The Balance Between Employee Motivation vs. Financial Impact

There’s a fine art to finding the right balance between motivating your team members and keeping an eye on the bottom line. Strategic Compensation aligns your employee rewards plan with your company’s financial goals.

We’ll analyze your compensation plan, using market trend information and all available team data, and look closely at your company’s people, structure, and goals to come up with a customized plan that works to:

  • Ensure alignment between compensation costs and accounting
  • Use relevant metrics and benchmarks to help you measure the success of your rewards program
  • Give equal attention to your program expense and associated costs
  • Establish a measurable ROI for your compensation investment
  • Evaluate multiple solutions rather than a “one size fits all”

We engage with most of our clients initially on a project basis, often forming an ongoing support relationship as you grow. We believe that there is no “one size fits all” approach to compensation, and that’s why we are flexible and adapt our approach to meet your needs. As your business grows, our level of support can grow along with you.

Strategic Compensation that Optimizes Performance

We specialize in the following types of Strategic Compensation:

  •  Executive Total Rewards Packages
  •  Board Compensation and Equity Structures
  •  Global Sales Incentive Plans
  •  Equity Program Design (RSUs, PS and Options)
  •  Broad-based Pay Programs
  •  Incentive Programs (STI, LTI, Cash and Perquisites)

Case Study: TIBCO Engages The Pendolino Group to Build Global Compensation & Benefits Program

TIBCO engaged The Pendolino Group to provide comprehensive Compensation and Benefits consulting services in the areas of Sales Compensation, Variable Incentive Compensation, Global Rewards, Benefits Programs, and Merger/Acquisition Integration…

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