Workplace Culture: Coaching and Performance Management
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Workplace Culture = Productivity, Performance & Profit

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Workplace Culture Coaching & Performance

Defining and cultivating a unique and thriving culture is paramount to a Strategic Leader’s success.

Join us to understand the drivers behind workplace culture and how to define, create, and sustain an inspiring and engaging workplace culture that will truly give your organization a business advantage.

We’ll explore not just what a workforce does and how they do it, but we’ll create an understanding of how an organization “feels”. The feeling of a workplace is the third dimension of thriving culture and strongly correlates to productivity — and profits.

You know what you want, now let’s give you the tools to get it!

Choose from Three Training Options:

  1. Public Courses: Learn from other exceptional companies
  2. Executive and Emerging Leader Coaching: Create your own personal brand of culture and success
  3. Team Training: Use our assessment tools to predict your likelihood of success and train to fill in the gaps

Secure Your Place in Our Next Culture & Performance Workshop

Your workshop is led by highly experienced Pendolino Group HR consultants with many years of operational experience. The breadth of their experience includes corporate strategic planning, internal HR, global leadership, operations management, and external HR consulting.

Workshops are typically one or two day sessions based on the degree of customization that you request. Public sessions are also offered to help the HR professional advance their career.

NOTE: Training credits are exchangeable for all Training and Development courses and workshops. Credits are valid for up to 12 months.