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Leadership is influence. Courage is contagious.

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Leaders Are Made, Not Born

Leadership can sometimes be an intangible or difficult concept to grasp. The idea of a “natural-born leader” is entrenched in our culture, and yet, leadership can be learned, fostered, and developed in such a way that makes leaders and the people around them feel inspired, motivated, and personally committed to their work.

We Believe that a Positive Company Culture Begins With Your Leaders — & We’re All Leaders

A company culture that fosters dynamic and enthusiastic relationships is professional, productive, and profitable — in more than just financial results. This type of culture also increases employee engagement, individual satisfaction, and your company’s ability to attract top talent.

People naturally want to work for a company that encourages its leaders to grow and be inspired by their work.

Key Benefits of Leadership & Team Development Programs:

Our leadership and team development programs are based not just on our collective decades of operational and HR experience, but also on centuries of accumulated evidence from historic leaders, philosophy, science, and ethics.

We plan, host, and facilitate highly interactive and inspiring sessions designed to meet your needs. Using progressive tools, participants can gain powerful insight into the latest ideas in leadership and team practices — and they’re also motivated to put them into action.

Our leadership programs are customized for your company’s requests and crafted to the learning style of your leadership team. Core themes include:

  • Emotional Mastery
  • Winning Hearts and Minds
  • Leading People
  • Finding Mindfulness in Leadership
  • Leadership Wisdom
  • The What and How of Leadership
  • Maximizing the Human Potential of your Team
  • The Culture of Leadership
  • Tomorrow’s Leader
  • Heart-Centered Leadership
  • Leading Beyond Strategy
  • Connecting Action to Vision
  • Leadership Presence
  • Leadership Matters
  • The Courage to Lead

When leaders and teams integrate the core principles of these programs, their capacity to be productive, successful, and satisfied is amplified.

Our Specialities:

  • Speaking at events
  • Motivational presentations
  • Leadership assessment and coaching
  • Manager skills and team effectiveness
  • Team events – design and facilitation:
    • Focus groups
    • Conflict resolution
    • Innovation
    • Problem solving
    • Team building

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