Strategic Planning and Visioning: What is Strategic Planning?
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Strategic Planning & Visioning

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What is Strategic Planning & How Does it Help Your Organization?

Strategic Planning and Visioning empowers your business or organization to clarify its overall strategy, ensuring that all employees and stakeholders are working toward common and shared objectives.

Strategic planning gets everyone on the “same page”, talking the same language, looking in the same direction, and, more importantly, taking actions in alignment with the collective vision.

Why Does Your Business Need a Strategic Plan?

What makes strategic planning and visioning so powerful is that it engages and unites your team in the process of creating a roadmap to a successful outcome.

The shared vision then becomes the critical structural foundation of your company’s ability to perform, prosper, and thrive financially — along with a positive and inspiring culture in a competitive marketplace.

The Pendolino Group will help you to build a vision and roadmap of where you want to be and a shorter-term plan of how to get you there. A strategic plan can span anywhere from 3 to 5 years, be a one-year game plan, or even a 90-day plan.

Our Approach to Strategic Planning & Visioning

Are you tired of long boring PowerPoint presentations and hefty workbooks? So are we!

We use a variety of handpicked progressive and dynamic visual planning tools that make the process inspiring, enjoyable, and even fun! We employ hands-on interactive techniques that promote teamwork and foster creativity, leading to clarity of vision for your team. The end result is a motivating vision, a solid strategic plan, and a tangible roadmap to execution.

The Benefits of Strategic Visioning with The Pendolino Group

By choosing our team to help you create and execute your strategic vision, you’re benefiting from:

  • Our expertise in group process, information design, and organizational change
  • Tools and services customized to your company’s specific needs
  • Dynamic visual sessions instead of wearisome PowerPoint presentations or dry workbooks
  • The long-term experience of leadership experts who have worked with companies at all stages – from incubation through to maturity

Creativity & Logic Working in Harmony: Merging the Left & Right Sides of the Brain

One of the crucial elements of strategic visioning is finding an appropriate balance between right and left brain thinking.

The LEFT side of the brain is the pragmatic, logical, analytic side. From here, we gather facts about your organization’s history, an understanding of the current operating climate, and all the data necessary to help you make grounded, proactive decisions about your future.

The RIGHT side of the brain is the creative, visionary side. By tapping into this indispensable reservoir of inspiration and ideas, we help you establish a “blue sky” vision of the future potential of your company or team.

By combining the power of the right and left, and utilizing our extensive cache of visual tools, we work with you to forge strong, revolutionary visions that can be directly translated into action.

The end result of our Strategic Visioning sessions is always a solid plan to execute the initiatives that will put you on the direct path to achieve that vision.

Is your organization ready for a powerful new strategic vision?

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