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General HR Consultancy FAQ

1. What do you do?

Not your typical management consulting or HR firm, our core services revolve around what we consider the Four Pillars of Our Success:

2. How do you charge for your services?

Our pricing philosophy aims to eliminate the pricing and scope-creep challenges that you may have experienced with other service providers.

We structure our pricing so that you can accurately forecast the cost for your project. By using fixed fee, pre-purchased training and retained services pricing structures, you know what to plan for in your budget. We structure our pricing and scope to deliver the highest value for every dollar you invest.

3. What does the name “Pendolino” mean?

Pendolino is a variety of olive tree that can be cross-pollinated with almost any other olive tree. Only a small group of olive varieties can be used to cross-pollinate in this way, and Pendolino trees are used extensively as pollenizers in large olive tree groves.

The Pendolino olive tree is highly adaptable and fertile — just like us! We can become a seamless part of your team and help your business or organization to grow.

The Pendolino tree is also symbolized in our logo — that of a lush green tree growing steadily upwards and bearing rich fruit.

4. Am I too small (or too big) for Pendolino?

We are proud to have clients as small as two employees and as large as 6,400 — with a presence in 24 countries. You gain access to unparalleled breadth and depth of HR and Operations knowledge to meet your specific situation and to grow with you.

5. When can you start?

When do you need us? Call us on +1 (888) 726-1414 and let’s talk! You can also send us an email.

6. Where are you located?

Our head office is in the San Francisco Bay Area,  but we’re also growing into Seattle, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.

7. Can I pay as I go?

Yes, the Pendolino Group offers a suite of services that allow you to retain just the right level of program and leadership support at just the right time.

Imagine that you have an HR team, a Compensation expert, a Trainer, and an HR Business Partner to take care of managing your HR needs — all without the added burden off headcount, payroll costs, overhead, and fringe expenses! Now that is the value you deserve.

8. Do you work on a retainer basis? Or on a project basis?

Yes and yes. We deliver retained and project-based solutions.

9. Are you familiar with my industry?

The Pendolino Group serves clients in just about every industry and at every stage of business — from small start-ups to large maturing companies. Check out our list of clients to get a flavor of the wide variety of industries and companies we work with.

Our experience shows that often many best practices actually come from industries other than the one that you are currently in!

In fact, we encourage our clients to look beyond their “known environment” to seek creativity and vision from the experience of others and gain access to innovative solutions from companies in other industries.

Cross-pollinating best practices is the hallmark that our clients enjoy by working with our team.

Our breadth and depth of knowledge results in the best solutions for your company.

10. Can you be a guest speaker at my event?

We frequently contribute as a guest speaker at leadership, HR, and community events. Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll partner with you to make your event a success.

11. Do you travel to other locations?

Yes, we can come to you, wherever you and your team are located. We have extensive experience with global organizations and the flexibility to meet you where you are. We also, quite frankly, enjoy traveling and seeing our clients in their own environment.

12. Do you manage international projects?

Yes, we have extensive international experience, including having conducted work in EMEA, South America, Canada, Asia-Pacific, and India. Because of our deep personal multi-national experiences, you can count on us to align to your local culture needs in a manner that few other consulting organizations can achieve.

Strategic Planning & Visioning FAQ

1. What exactly is strategic planning and visioning?

Strategic planning is an organization’s process of defining its strategy, or direction, and making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue this strategy.

2. What is the benefit of bringing in an outside facilitator and program manager for our strategic planning process?

Effective strategic planning requires the full attention of all members to be fully engaged in the process and contributing to critical conversations regarding resource allocation. An external facilitator and program manager will ensure that the process stays on track and focused while you and your team concentrate on making excellent decisions.

3. What strategic planning methodology do you use?

We utilize a left-right brain visually graphic process that prompts your team to focus on the critical components of your planning, promotes creativity, and clarifies the specific actions to set and execute to the strategy. We are certified by the Grove Consultants International and utilize their products to drive results.

4. Who will lead our sessions?

You will have the chance to select your facilitator from our team based on industry background, experience, and fit to your culture. Our facilitators are fully certified in strategic planning and advanced facilitation methodologies. Your facilitator will have no less than 15 years – in some cases, up to 30 years – of business knowledge and expertise in setting strategies and delivering results.

5. Can my strategic planning sessions be customized?

Yes, most definitely, and they typically are. Most of our clients have unique requirements, and we customize the agenda to meet the outputs that meet your needs. Many clients engage with us ongoing for their annual strategy refresh session and even more frequently to ensure execution to their plan.

6. Can you help us create a vision?

Yes. We use a variety of very interactive techniques to help organizations visualize long term success. In addition, we will help you develop the values and principles that support your vision.

7. What happens after a strategic planning session?

We like to joke with our clients that the “real work” starts after the conclusion of the strategic planning session. This is because defining a vision and strategy is very different than executing the strategy. We will work with you to keep the vision alive and to help you deliver on your defined strategy.

Training & Leadership Development FAQ

1. What exactly is strategic planning and visioning?

All of our HR & Training Consultants have a minimum of 15 years’ business experience with specific skills in the areas of training and development. They combine subject matter expertise with an engaging delivery style that makes each training session memorable.

2. Can you deliver training sessions onsite?

Yes, we can, and this is the most common way that our training is delivered. We also have many clients who request webinar/web-based training to reach an audience that may be spread across different geographies. We customize our training solutions to your organization, and we also offer on-demand video recordings of your training for your future access.

3. Can you customize training content?

Yes. Many of our clients have specific needs, and we tailor content specifically for them. We now have over 15 training modules that can be integrated into a complete curriculum or delivered as single modules. We frequently combine this content with custom training to meet your needs.

4. Do you address how to lead Millennials?

Yes. We have specific training programs for leading the Millennial generation. We also offer programs in understanding and leading multiple generations in the workforce.

5. Do we own the training content after the training is delivered?

Yes. We have options that will allow you to retain soft copies of the material for your continued use.

6. Do you provide Train the Trainer (TTT) sessions?

Yes. We provide TTT for specific training modules or the entire set of Frontline Leadership programs. TTT typically takes 2.5 days to complete and are delivered on site with you. We provide additional facilitation skill development as needed by our clients.

Compensation & Benefits FAQ

1. Do you consult in the area of sales compensation?

Our team has an extensive background in the design, benchmarking, and implementation of sales compensation plans, addressing all regions around the globe.

2. What experience do you have in the area of total rewards?

Many of our clients have benefited from our depth of knowledge in the functional areas of compensation and benefits, plus the integrated manner in which we approach total rewards. In addition to program design, our consultants can assist you with the change management that often accompanies introducing or refining a total rewards program.

3. Can you help us develop an equity compensation program?

Yes, whether you are an early stage company, publicly traded, or privately held, equity programs are in our sweet spot. We will design programs for you that balance the often competing priorities of the investors, stakeholders, company, and employees.

4. I need to replace my benefits broker, can you help me?

Certainly, our compensation consultants have been down this path many times. All of our consultants have at one time of another navigated the complex nature of successfully transitioning brokers, redesigning benefits programs, and effectively communicating health and wellness programs to differentiate your employment brand and engage employees.

Performance Management & Employee Engagement FAQ

2. Do you support any cloud-based Performance Management processes?

Although we are strategic partners with Cornerstone on Demand, we do also work with a wide variety of software solutions to enable our clients to implement their performance management process on a platform that best suits their needs.

3. Can The Pendolino Group help my Performance Management process drive business results?

Yes, most definitely. Ultimately, that is the goal of any well-defined performance management process. We offer specific consulting in driving a performance management culture, aligning goals to KPIs, OKRs, or cascading goal techniques.

Retained HR Executive Advisor FAQ

1. How does a typical retained HR Executive Advisor relationship work?

We offer retained HR Executive Advisor services for both short- and long-term needs depending on your situation. Some engagements are set for a defined number of hours per month and some for a defined number of days or weeks. We work closely with our clients to determine their needs and then to match them with an HR Executive Advisor with a specific expertise to help them.

2. Do you offer on-site support?

Yes. We offer a combination of on-site and ‘on-call’ support depending on the requirements of the engagement.

3. Why should we select The Pendolino Group for our Retained Executive needs?

Great question! Our consultants are all experts in the field of human resources and business management. Each consultant acts as a partner, coach, and mentor to the leaders of the organization they support. With The Pendolino Group, you get an experienced, operational executive who has many years “sitting on your side of the desk”. We offer practical and real-life solutions to help your organization achieve spectacular results!

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