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We’ve spent a great deal of time and effort in researching and testing various apps and methodologies because we place a high priority on utilizing “best in breed” technology and expertise — to help your organization be more efficient, productive, and profitable.

Our breadth of experience allows us to offer a broad range of solutions that we can customize to your specific needs or budget.


CSOD was founded in 2004 based on the idea that Performance Management should be simple and rewarding.

Cornerstone Growth Edition is a simple and effective Performance Management software and e-Learning technology that delivers results — no matter how limited your resources.

Growth Edition tracks performance data as it trends over time in order to analyze an individual’s (and a team’s) performance and give an objective picture of their strengths and potential.

Want to know more? Watch the Growth Edition Custom Roles Competencies for Partners video.


The Grove Consultants have designed progressive visual tools and services that enable teams and individuals to visualize and then strategically implement innovation and sustainable change. We use and recommend their full suite of visual planning and individual coaching tools.


We recommend Promapp to those clients who are seeking to improve their processes and also create a fun and collaborative culture where people actually enjoy taking ownership of their role and their work.

Easily integrated with document management tools such as Sharepoint, Promapp is process management software that helps companies build, improve, and easily share their knowledge across the organization. Promapp drives process improvement by simplifying mapping so that teams can own and improve their own processes.

Dynamic, user-friendly process mapping ensures faster response times to changing market conditions.

Gain the competitive advantage for your organization, now and in the future, by letting your processes live, breathe, and evolve in the dynamic environment that is Promapp.

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We’re proud to support the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation and their mission of transforming the way people help people.

By offering Cornerstone OnDemand’s talent management technology and the Foundation’s capacity-building programs to the non-profit sector, the Foundation helps organizations around the world better develop, engage, and empower their employees and the people they serve.

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