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And, we’re much more than HR consultants! We passionately believe that Strategic HR is a powerful force that can proactively optimize your overall business performance. We believe in the bigger value and ROI that an HR professional brings to an organization — we make you the hero!

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4 Steps to Get Your Training Budget Approved

4 Steps to Get Your Training Budget Approved

- Most managers ask themselves the same question every year: How do I justify a training budget? Budgeting is always a tense time of the year with critical deadlines and company initiatives taking priority over other important aspects of the job. Training often becomes an afterthought in the budget process, but ...

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Detox your Company Culture

5 Tips for Detoxing Your Company Culture

- Company culture is a more prominent issue now than ever before. With nearly 54 million millennials making up the labor force, HR directors must be deliberate in promoting engagement and meaning for employees. We go into detail on the next big wave of culture happening right now, but what if ...

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Employee Happiness and Workplace Fun

4 Easy Ways to Encourage Employee Happiness

- A new generation of employees are transforming ideas behind employee happiness, satisfaction, and treatment. We spoke before on How to Encourage and Motivate Our Future Leaders, and it’s time we delve deeper into this subject. HR leaders should take employee satisfaction seriously and want to do a good job at ...

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