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Case Study 1: Strategic Visioning for Zoove

Zoove, a Palo Alto start-up that holds an exclusive registry of vanity mobile phone numbers for consumers and businesses, brought us in for some early-stage Strategic Visioning.

Our high-level engagement with them was so successful that they asked us to help with ongoing strategic human resource functions such as recruiting, Compensation Planning, and help restructuring the company into a new market.

“The combination of talent has me convinced we will execute brilliantly through a very tough assignment and set of circumstances,” said Joe Gillespie, CEO of Zoove.

When it comes to start-ups, turnarounds, and high-growth companies, strategic visioning is a priceless investment in future growth and stability.

Case Study 2: Strategic Visioning for Boys & Girls Clubs of America

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Marin and Southern Sonoma Counties in California recently hired The Pendolino Group to help out with their Strategic Visioning.

The visioning methodology we used helped them to understand their current issues and create tangible deliverables for their future strategy.

“Some people may argue that outside facilitators are unnecessary, but The Pendolino Group is living proof that’s not the case,” said Victor A. Deksnys Gallagher, EVP and BGCMSS Executive Board Member.

“Bringing in The Pendolino Group was a critical part of the process for us. As an external facilitator they had a much more objective viewpoint and helped us to see our strategic vision so much more clearly.”

Case Study 3: Strategic Visioning for BC Clinical and Support Services (BCCSS)

BC Clinical and Support Services (BCCSS) is a not-for-profit organization in British Columbia that provides various support services to the British Columbia (Canada) health care system. BCCSS maintains a high-volume employee service center that supports more than 90,000 employees representing three client companies, each of which is governed by four different collective agreements.

The challenge for BCCSS was that their employee service centers were losing business process efficiency due to the policy variations that exist across the three companies along with the requirements of the four different collective agreements. In addition, the volume of transactions was growing rapidly, reaching nearly 30,000 transactions per month. And, they needed to increase the level of accuracy in every transaction. Lastly, they were experiencing a high staff turnover in the service center due to on the job stress and challenges with onboarding new employees.

BCCSS made a decision to implement the cloud-based Promapp process mapping system to visualize and simplify their business processes and to centralize access to all standard operating procedures, tools, and templates used by the team. The Pendolino Group was brought in to assist in process improvements and system implementation, and to coach the team on best practices to remove major inefficiencies.

As we implemented Promapp across the organization, we delivered training in the use of Lean Service Methodologies to streamline and simplify newly designed processes. We helped the team begin to centralize all materials into Promapp, establish a sustainable culture of continuous improvement, and quickly put the tools in place to support their vision of client-centric self-service and first-time call resolution.

BCCSS is now well on their way to meet their goals of:

  • Improved quality the employee service experience
  • True client self-service and employee engagement with a simple to access tool (Promapp)
  • Ability to absorb increases in transaction volume with no reduction in quality
  • Increased first-time call resolution, and overall reduced errors and rework
  • Faster (and stress free) onboarding of new hires to the team, and anticipation of a reduction in early stage turnover

At the conclusion of their initial configuration and lean process design workshop (two days), they had completed documentation of three out of their five highest volume transactions within the Promapp tool. They had also begun applying process improvements resulting in higher team engagement and enthusiasm, which is now further reflected in positive employee experience and service level feedback — ultimately contributing to an improved company culture and employee engagement levels.

“I have heard nothing but positive feedback from the team as the training session was managed in an effective and informative manner. We all appreciated your knowledge, professionalism and willingness to jump in, answer questions, leveraging different learning techniques and set us up for success.” – Shiva Badiee, BCCSS

Case Study 3: Leadership Development for Zazzle

Zazzle’s manufacturing division hired The Pendolino Group to take all of its leaders through an extensive Frontline Leadership program that reinforced the company’s unique leadership culture and instilled a common leadership methodology.

All Zazzle personnel, from department leads to the vice president, participated in an eight-module, five-week training program.

“The training The Pendolino Group delivered was targeted, fun and actionable! You can’t get better than that when asking a leadership team to set aside their time ‘off the floor’ to learn skills and develop a common language around leadership. Our employees thought this was the most valuable time they had ever spent in learning the art and science behind leadership. Bravo!” — Julie Pestka-Schardt, Human Resources Director, Zazzle

Case Study 4: Leadership Development for Eleven Inc.

Eleven Inc., a leading advertising agency based in San Francisco, initially hired The Pendolino Group to provide training in Performance Management.

After the successful roll-out of this training, Eleven decided to engage The Pendolino Group to provide a comprehensive five-month Leadership Development Program — not only to provide leadership training, but to develop a lexicon of performance management concepts with which to readily identify how to optimize their unique performance-management culture.

“I will be a reference for you anytime. You are amazing. THANK YOU.” — Heidi Taglio, Human Resources, Eleven Inc.

Case Study 5: Compensation Market Analysis & Career Path Structures

GetInsured, an online insurance aggregator and software company, hired The Pendolino Group to provide integrated compensation market analysis and career path structures to support their fast-growing organization.

As a software and content company with 250+ employees, slated to double in size within 18 months, GetInsured required an equally sharp and fast moving consulting team.

They wanted to quickly assess the current Total Rewards landscape and implement an integrated compensation structure that included:

  • Job descriptions
  • Leveling criteria
  • An engaging performance management system
  • Salary, incentive, and equity ranges

All elements needed to be equally creative and compelling to match their highly engaging culture.

We had an immediate impact by partnering with managers throughout the organization to design and implement an innovative Compensation Strategy and the accompanying set of programs needed to support a dynamic short-term and sustainable long-term growth trajectory.

Within a few short weeks, a vigorous framework for all aspects of the total rewards program was established and introduced across the company. The framework included instructor-led manager training sessions designed to transform the leadership to leverage all aspects of the employee experience at GetInsured.

Throughout the project, we provided the tactical resources to ensure that the Compensation and Career Path related programs were brought into alignment with the business strategy. This was accomplished within an 8-week window, matching the speed and commitment of GetInsured to its clients and allowing the company to successfully continue its rapid growth path.

GetInsured has retained The Pendolino Group in an ongoing capacity to undertake continuing market research and ad-hoc assessments.

Case Study 6: Compensation and Benefits Programs for TIBCO Software

TIBCO Software, a California-based software and services company specializing in the analysis and virtualization of big data, hired The Pendolino Group to provide comprehensive Compensation and Benefits consulting services in the areas of Sales Compensation, Variable Incentive Compensation, Global Rewards, Benefits Programs, and Merger/Acquisition Integration.

As a well-established global company with over 4,300 employees in 24 countries, TIBCO required a consulting group to design and implement Global Jobs structures and compensation programs to ensure consistent and reliable methodologies to attract and retain top talent while managing cost structures.

The Pendolino Group was selected for this hands-on role and made an immediate impact by providing the necessary leadership and business acumen which had been previously missing from the TIBCO compensation and benefits program.

A strategic framework for TIBCO’s Global Total Rewards was quickly established and The Pendolino Group provided the tactical resources to ensure that all Compensation programs were brought into alignment with the business strategy. This entailed the development of Global Sales & Professional Service Incentive plans covering 1,800 employees in a highly complex selling and services model, a Global Jobs Infrastructure including job descriptions, leveling criteria, and salary/incentive structures, performance management integration, and the redesign of all variable compensation plans.

The implementation of the Compensation and Benefits programs developed and implemented by The Pendolino Group was a major contributor to TIBCO’s successful integration of several acquired businesses, as well as the ultimate integration of TIBCO by VISTA Partners of San Francisco.

The Pendolino Group continues to provide ongoing Compensation and Benefits services at the Board level as well as day-to-day program management as TIBCO’s business strategy evolves.

Here are examples of other clients whom we’ve recently helped with their Compensation and Rewards programs:

  • 7-year-old start-up radio frequency ID company with 58 employees and a high growth curve: we created market analysis and sales incentive plans.
  • 128-person hardware/software tech company with employees in both the US and India: we custom-designed and administered a compensation practices survey.
  • 3,200-person media company: we designed and administered leveling practices and a custom titling survey.
  • Midsized global online content company: we conducted market analysis, structure design, and a communication rollout of a Broad Base Pay program.
  • Privately-held storage device company with 400 employees globally: we designed and rolled out a dual-career path design.
  • Publically-traded online content company: we designed a long-term incentive compensation plan for named executive officers and board members.
  • Emerging tech start-up in the telecommunications/marketing space: we created a sales incentive and sales performance incentive fund bonus structure.

Case Study 7: Performance Management for AwarePoint

Awarepoint hired us for Performance Management and had a very successful experience. From there, they realized that the goals, objectives, and behavioral competencies should be aligned to their business strategy, and they decided to hire us for a Strategic Planning session.

Next they asked us to help them with their talent management. Our services are designed to build upon each other for amplified positive results.

“I appreciated how everyone participated [in our session] and was respectful of each other’s different perspective. I was pleasantly surprised in the way that we were all able to share our own viewpoints and opinions while still collaborating and gaining consensus on some very thought-provoking and potentially controversial topics. Once again, great job!” — Jason Howe, CEO, Awarepoint

Case Study 8: Performance Management for Ascent Media

We worked with Ascent Media Group (AMG) to map out their vision for transforming their Company Culture.  This led to integrated Performance Management and Compensation Programs delivered through The Pendolino Group. Our aligned solutions propelled client success! — Sandy Roth, VP of HR, Ascent Media

Case Study 9: Retained Executive Advisor for BaseHealth

BaseHealth, an integrated health management platform provider, hired the Pendolino Group in a Retained Executive Advisor role to provide comprehensive consulting services in the areas of Human Resources,  Leadership Development,  Compensation,  Performance Management,  Organizational Development, and Strategic Planning.

As an early-stage company, BaseHealth required a consulting group to provide both strategic and tactical level support as they scaled to meet the demands of a growing client base.

The Pendolino Group was selected and made an immediate impact by providing a strategic framework for BaseHealth to grow. This entailed the development of an overall HR strategic plan, a hiring strategy, and the implementation of a progressive compensation plan to hire the best employees possible.

The Pendolino Group then quickly went to work on developing the people infrastructure to enable ongoing success in the areas of People Policy and Processes, Total Rewards, Performance Management and Accountability, and the Development of a Leadership Curriculum.

The implementation of the initiatives developed by The Pendolino Group was a major contributor to BaseHealth’s successful release of their initial product, Genophen, and in securing greater than $12M in private funding.

The Pendolino Group continues to provide ongoing advisory services at the Board level as well as day-to-day HR tactical support as BaseHealth continues to evolve.

Case Study 10: Retained Executive Advisor for Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital (LPCH)

Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital (LPCH), a California-based hospital specializing in the care and nurturing of children, youth, and women, hired The Pendolino Group in a Retained Executive Advisor role to provide interim management services in the areas of Human Resources and Operations.

As an established 4,300 person organization, LPCH required a consulting group to provide both strategic and tactical leadership support as they streamlined and stabilized their HR Operations and HRIS organizations following the spin-out from their previous relationship with Stanford Medical Hospitals.

LPCH focused upon ensuring high-touch HR partner services to physician, nurses, and care-givers throughout the LPCH system. The Pendolino Group was selected and made an immediate impact by providing a strategic framework for the LPCH HR Operations and HRIS teams to align to the growing demands of the organization.

This entailed the development of an overall HR Operations and HRIS structure, a service Vision, a hiring strategy, and the implementation of progressive, repeatable processes, thus ensuring consistent delivery of services and a strong partnership with managers and employees.

The implementation of the initiatives developed by the Pendolino Group was a major contributor to LPCH’s successful introduction of a high-touch HR business partner model, allowing physicians, nurses, and care-givers to focus attention on providing the best possible healthcare services and support to children, youth, and women.

The Pendolino Group continues to provide ongoing leadership services to LPCH across all HR functional areas as the team continues to evolve.

“Changing performance measurement systems is a fraught process and The Pendolino Group were excellent at structuring and pacing the transition process, guiding us through well-articulated intermediate steps through to our go live rollout.”

— Steve Northern, CEO, Satuit Technologies

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