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Performance Management

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Positive Workplace Culture = Performance, Productivity, and Profit

Performance Management is essentially the measurement of how well an employee aligns with the strategic vision of an organization.

The more important question is: how do we get each employee to move in the same direction and to act in alignment with that shared vision?

Performance Management is of course the answer, but how do we get employees to actually enjoy the process of having their performance calibrated so they end up feeling inspired and motivated?

Our Approach to Performance Management

We believe Performance Management should cultivate not only productivity and profitability, but also build an inspiring and thriving company culture.

Our consultants are experienced in all phases of the design and implementation of Performance Management and Talent Management programs. We’ve tried and tested a wide range of third-party “secret weapons” — tools and technologies that help create a positive performance management experience.

We have selected the best in class to recommend to our clients…

Secret Weapon #1: Cornerstone OnDemand — Growth Edition

We’ve teamed up with Cornerstone OnDemand (formerly Sonar6) to utilize their progressive performance software Growth Edition to collect and analyze the “people information” that makes up your company’s culture.

Growth Edition is simple and effective Performance Management software and e-Learning technology that delivers results — even if you’re on a tight budget. Growth Edition’s methodology is a powerful way to track performance data as it trends over time in order to analyze an individual’s (and a team’s) performance and give an objective picture of their strengths and potential.

As an official Cornerstone OnDemand re-seller we can be there by your side through the entire process of purchase, implementation, training, and support. We make it fun and engaging!

Secret Weapon #2: Promapp

One of the secrets to building and sustaining a culture of continual improvement is to utilize a simple and efficient Process Management system. However, successful process improvement is about more than which software to use; it’s about changing everyday behaviors and motivating your team to continuously find better ways of doing things.

Promapp is cloud-based, intuitive, user-friendly process management software that helps teams to build, improve, and share their knowledge, thus ensuring consistent results and value streams throughout the business. Promapp drives business improvement and client satisfaction by simplifying process mapping so that business teams can easily own and improve their particular processes.

The only thing you need to know to use Promapp is how to write an outline. The software then does the process mapping for you – making Promapp easy to implement and use across your entire team.
If you want to amplify your team’s energy while boosting performance and continuity, we recommend using Promapp.

Workshops and Programs

Like all of our services, our Performance Management programs are customized to your people and your company’s unique needs. When you engage us for a project, we assign you to one of our partners here at The Pendolino Group. They will assess your needs and create a system that works specifically for your organization so you can get the impact and results you are looking for in a training workshop.

In addition, a few of the workshops and programs we recommend for Performance Management are:

  • Organization Readiness — Mapping Your Future Workshop
  • Creating a Remarkable Culture Workshop
  • Team Performance Assessment

Want to know more about creating a performance-driven culture?

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