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Multiple paths, same summit.

Our Clients come from a Diverse Range of Industries

We believe that having a shared sense of purpose, and a common vision to match it, builds an energetic high-performing team culture throughout any organization.

We love working with companies and organizations that are on a fast-track trajectory of growth and expansion. They might be an early-stage, pre-series “A” start-up with two employees or a rapidly expanding company with 2,000+ employees.

No matter the size or stage of your business, we pride ourselves on developing vibrant and prosperous client partnerships to cultivate and encourage growth and success.

When aligned with your company, we effectively become a part of the organization for the duration of the project, collaborating with executives, managers, and entire teams to deliver customized solutions specifically designed to fit their needs.

Case Study: BaseHealth Engages The Pendolino Group to Build a Compensation & Benefits Program

We worked with BaseHealth to successfully release their initial product and secure an additional $12M in private funding.

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