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Strategic Alignment & Business Acumen

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When HR is Involved in Business Strategy, Everyone Wins

If the data* shows that when HR is involved in business strategy organizations are much more successful in achieving their goals, then why aren’t more HR professionals becoming strategic?

The failure of HR to be the “player” it should be with respect to business strategy, raises the question of how it can become more engaged in strategy design, implementation, and change.

That’s why we are so excited about our skills-building workshop for HR professionals!

This workshop enhances your ability to be a strategic HR business partner and gives you the business skills needed to be a highly effective and influential contributor to organizational success.

Strategic Alignment and Business Acumen for HR Professionals integrates best practices from strategic planning, HR Consulting, and visual planning methodologies, along with a thorough understanding of business drivers.

Participants work in this hands-on program to build a path to become more integrated with their business partners.

*Effective Human Resource Management: A Global Analysis by Ed Lawler and John Boudreau, University of Southern California, 2012.

Key Outcomes of the Workshop Include:

  • Gaining a deeper understanding of the business drivers affecting your organization today
  • Creating a vision of your HR role as a strategic partner within your company
  • Identification of your organization’s current HR-related strengths, opportunities, threats, and challenges
  • The development of 3-5 strategic initiatives that will position you and your HR department to become more strategic
  • Understanding how to use strategic planning tools to guide your initiatives and to better consult on a strategic level with your clients

Secure Your Place in Our Next Strategic Alignment & Business Acumen Workshop

Your workshop is led by highly experienced Pendolino Group HR consultants with many years of operational experience. The breadth of their experience includes corporate strategic planning, internal HR, global leadership, operations management, and external HR consulting.

Workshops are typically one or two day sessions based on the degree of customization that you request. Public sessions are also offered to help the HR professional advance their career.

NOTE: Training credits are exchangeable for all Training and Development courses and workshops. Credits are valid for up to 12 months.