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The Pendolino Group and Promapp

The Pendolino GroupThe Pendolino Group and Promapp Welcome Page

Congratulations on having selected Promapp!

We are committed to have you join a growing list of satisfied customers and raving fans!

Promapp is:

Promapp is a Business Process Management (BPM) software that helps companies build, improve and share their process knowledge from a central online repository. Promapp drives process improvement by simplifying process mapping so that business teams can own and improve their own processes.

  • Easy to use for the whole team
  • Process maps generated from text
  • Simple process map format
  • Drill down to details and related documents
  • Version control management for every update
  • Browser-based, easy rollout
  • Knowledge management at your fingertips
  • End-to-end business process visualization
  • An engaged continuous improvement culture

The Pendolino Group is:

We are the team that has been selected to be your Implementation Consultants and we are pleased to be the ones to enable you to have fun with this tool and create powerful initiatives within your business to create an improvement culture.

We bring to your organization our exceptional depth and breadth of business experience, understanding, and consulting expertise from more than 54 successful implementations of Promapp since October 2015. These clients are in the US and Canada across a diverse set of industries including government, manufacturing, transportation, retail, healthcare, and more in company sizes ranging from 24,000 to 45 with representation in 16 countries. Recently, our team of consultants helped a Promapp client in Ghana, West Africa, and will be heading to Belgium this year for a Fortune 100 company Promapp implementation.

Our team has over 100+ years collectively of HR business leadership and management perspective that enables a deep listening and ability to customize each implementation to the unique culture, environment, and needs of the organization. This ability has generated sustainable success across all of The Pendolino Group’s Promapp implementations.

We are excited to bring all that we have accomplished and learned about creating a successful Promapp implementation to your project.

Next Steps You Can Take:

To enable our time working together to be seamless, effective and valuable for all of us, we are committed to having meaningful meetings, collaborative and truthful conversations, clear and open communication, and, it must be said, we are committed to having a lot of fun and doing great work together!

Here’s a roadmap of the journey you are embarking on:

Promapp Quickstart Implementation and Deployment Explained

Preparing for Our Kickoff Call:

The first thing we will do is what we like to refer to as our Kickoff call. Hopefully you have already scheduled yours… This call is where we Discover and Plan. We get to know each other, ask the important questions to clarify how we will work best together, and discover any “must have” or “don’t do”. Then we create a plan on how to reach your desired outcomes as efficiently and effectively as possible.

This 50-minute call is a conversation about the big pain points of what exists today as for process documentation, initiatives you have created within the company to support this cultural shift and why you decided to implement Promapp. We’ll also discuss what areas of the business are initial process or departmental priorities, dates for all subsequent calls and onsite training, modules, timeframes and all about our approach for this phase of your journey.

During the kickoff phase, we will be interested in:

  • Outlining goals and defining the value that Promapp will be for your unique needs as an organization.
  • Discover what the priority areas and agree on a functional scope to tackle those priorities first.
  • Confirm Executive Sponsor, Lead Champion, teams, timing and locations for the training session.
  • Communicate expectations about deliverables and timing and obtain commitments.

Here is a sample of our Kickoff Call Agenda.

In addition to all that, we will start the very important conversation about Governance, Responsibilities and KPI’s, and the who, what, where, when and why of this entire process!

Everyone on the call will have the opportunity to ask the questions that relate to this initial ‘getting to know you’ phase of the process. It’s sometimes referred to as the 50,000-foot level view. The big picture and the overarching why is what we will be discussing on this call, so that we, as your implementation partner, can be prepared to support your team in what matters most for you and your company.

Each client is different and unique, so we want to be sure we know what outcome you want so we can be co-creators in this vision!

We’ll even show you our Process so you get the Big Picture of this part of the journey:

Promapp Onboard New Client Process

As you can see, we have many processes to ensure your successful implementation, but for our time working together, we will be focused on Discover and Plan, Train and Equip, and Execute.

We look forward to working with you and it will be wonderful to meet you on the call!

Want more? Read the next steps of the Implementation Process below:

Preparing for Build Calls After the Kickoff:

After our Kickoff conversation, we will both have a number of important task to handle before we meet again, such as creating a list of Users with login name formatting and password structure for all, designating Process Champions, Promasters and more. Also, during this call, we will schedule two 2-hour conference calls that we refer to as our Build calls. During these times together, we will be building the runway for a smooth takeoff during the Execute phase where we will come onsite for your Promapp User Training.

Here is an example of what the Agenda for a Standard 2-Day Onsite Training Sessions could look like, depending on what decisions we make together for your team:

SAMPLE AGENDA – Build Sessions #1 & #2


The standard medium for Promapp Build phase training is via online presenting (screen to screen) using an application such as GoToMeeting, Zoom, JoinMe or Skype.

We will need to briefly test in advance for any restrictions that may be present in the client-end IT environment that may prevent one (or more) of these applications from operating during Build phase presenting.

Session 1 – Promapp Governance

  1. Overview of the Critical Importance of Governance

OBJECTIVE: To introduce and emphasize the critical importance of Governance from top management when introducing and maintaining a process-driven culture. Promapp alone will not ensure success without good Governance being in place

  • Completion of a Governance maturity self-assessment exercise

DELIVERABLE: An understanding of why Governance is a critical factor

Attendees: Exec Sponsor (if available), Lead Process Champion(s), engaged Process Champions

  1. Overview of Promapp Communication Templates

OBJECTIVE: To introduce the importance of developing an ongoing communications plan, encompassing the introduction of Promapp and ongoing strategies centered on driving a good process culture

DELIVERABLE: A draft communication Plan

Attendees: Exec Sponsor (if available), Lead Process Champion(s), engaged Process Champions

  1. Understand Process Group Structures

OBJECTIVE: To discuss how to develop a Process Group structure that will specifically work for the organization. Within these groups will sit the organization’s processes. The structure will likely be defined by organizational structure or on a functional basis (or a hybrid model of both).

DELIVERABLE: An initial Process Group folder structure (level 1 and level 2)

Attendees: Exec Sponsor (if available), Lead Process Champion(s), engaged Process Champions, Promaster(s)

Session 2 – Promapp Application 

  1. Integrate into other Systems

OBJECTIVE: To define how and where Promapp can be interlinked with systems in use within the organization – intranets and document management systems

DELIVERABLE: An understanding of deployment points

Attendees: Lead Process Champion(s), engaged Process Champions

  1. Understand Promapp Critical Configurations

OBJECTIVE: To complete an intensive walk-through of the Promapp configuration settings and to personalize them for the organization. These settings will define how Promapp operates and will set diverse factors such as Process review dates, email notification behaviors and permissions.

DELIVERABLE: Configuring critical Promapp configurations to best meet client requirements

Attendees: Lead Process Champion(s), engaged Process Champions

  1. Introduction to Promapp Charter and Rulebook

OBJECTIVE: To create a Charter document that defines the purpose, breadth, and scope of the Promapp project in the organization. Also to develop a Rulebook that defines how Process need to be defined in Promapp along with how inbuilt mechanisms need to be utilized – such as Process reviews and Process feedback

DELIVERABLE: A working process Charter and Rulebook

Attendees: Lead Process Champion(s), engaged Process Champions

  1. Manage Reporting

OBJECTIVE: Report on areas of activity, change, and improvements.  Help drive Process Improvement

DELIVERABLE: Understanding important report

Attendees: Lead Process Champion(s), engaged Process Champions

Next step of the Implementation Process, after our Kickoff call and the 2 Build calls, is preparation for the Onsite Training.

Onsite Training Preparation:

Here is an example of what the Agenda for a Standard 2-Day Onsite Training Sessions could look like, depending on what decisions we make together for your team:


The following resources must be available onsite to facilitate your Promapp training

  • Suitable training room
  • Data projector or screen
  • Whiteboard
  • Internet connection
  • Flip charts/flipchart pads for the breakout rooms
  • Markers for the breakout rooms
  • Stickie note in multiple colors

Agenda for a Standard 2-Day Onsite Training Session:


9:00 – 9:30 Kick-off Session

OBJECTIVE: To deliver an overview session of Promapp and underlying values to interested business stakeholders and to field answers to any questions posed:

  • Invite the Executive Sponsor and/or Lead Process Champion to share their overarching strategy and where Promapp fits in this

DELIVERABLE: Exposure of overarching organizational goals and where Promapp
fits in

Attendees: Participants in the ‘Application training and process design techniques’ session

9:30 – 10:00 Introduction to Promapp (Everyday User Session)

OBJECTIVE: Find processes and send feedback on selected processes

DELIVERABLE: Can comfortably navigate through Promapp

Attendees: Process Experts

10:00 – 12:30 Learn to create a process in Promapp (Expert Session)

OBJECTIVE: To introduce the full Promapp toolset to individuals tasked with creating and maintaining process content. Also to introduce how to structure process documentation in a simple and easy to absorb manner using good writing techniques:

This session will feature exercises and each attendee must have access to a Web-connected laptop or computer

DELIVERABLE: Understanding of how to document processes

Attendees: Process Experts

12:30 – 1:00 Lunch

1:00 – 4:00 Process creation workshop (Expert Session)

OBJECTIVE: To workshop an undefined process through white-boarding and collaboration and getting it to a status where it can be easily entered into Promapp:

Either 1 known process that is familiar to ALL participants to define together,
OR 2-3 known processes that participants can define in smaller groups

DELIVERABLE: A defined process, documented in Promapp

Attendees: Process Experts



9:00 – 11:00 Advanced editing and other features (Expert Session)

OBJECTIVE: Linking processes, adding decision boxes, adding conditional process links, creating process overview diagrams, add timeframes and add process tags

DELIVERABLE: Understand the more complex functionality in Promapp

Attendees: Process Experts

11:00 – 2:00 Process improvement simulation (Expert Session)

OBJECTIVE: To take a live process and to identify pain points where improvement may be possible and, through improvement, will deliver a process with greater efficiencies

Prerequisite each participant should come prepared with at least one business process that they will build out in Promapp
DELIVERABLE: Identification of potential improvements in a process

Attendees: Process Experts

12:30 – 1:00 Lunch

2:00 – 3:00 System administration (Promaster Session)

OBJECTIVE: To train the individuals selected by the organization to administer their instance of Promapp. This session will delve into each of the infrastructural areas that will require management at Promaster level

DELIVERABLE: Understanding of how to administer Promapp

Attendees: Lead Process Champion(s), Promaster(s)

3:00 – 4:00 Governance Charter, Rulebook, Reference Guide, Readiness Review

OBJECTIVE: Review key documents designed to support your Promapp rollout

DELIVERABLE: Understanding of how to govern Promapp and your Process Improvement journey

Attendees: Lead Process Champion(s), Promaster(s)

After Your Onsite Training:

After our information packed, lively, enriching and productive time spent onsite with your team, you will be gaining incredible momentum to accomplish your change management and improvement cultural shift in your organization.

We will follow up with you, at an agreed upon date, to answer any questions your team may have now that you have had a couple weeks to try to break the system! The Pendolino Group does this exclusively for their clients because your success is our success.

Additionally, The Pendolino Group does Process Improvement consulting, project work and coaching around Process Improvement and Creating Cultural Shifts. Please take a look at our website to learn more about us.

We so look forward to an exciting and satisfying journey with you as you embark on utilizing this fantastic tool to give your team the support and empowerment they deserve to be their best!

Let’s Get Started!